First ever ringed planet beyond our solar system found.

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An image of Saturn
The first-ever ringed planet beyond our solar system has been found by astronomers. Named as J1407b, has a disk of 30-odd rings which is so vast that, had it been around Saturn, it would have dominated our night sky.

Matthew Kenworthy of the Leiden Observatory in The Netherlands said, “It’d be huge! You’d see the rings and the gaps in the rings quite easily from Earth.”
Kenworthy and Eric Mamajec of New York’s University of Rochester search through a database of millions of stars photographed by telescopes around the world in an exoplanet search project called SuperWASP.

Exoplanets, worlds beyond our own Solar System, are observed from Earth through changes in the brightness of their central star. Kenworthy said the planet itself was probably about 10 to 40 times the mass of Jupiter, the biggest planet of our star system.

The planet’s rings begin at a distance of about 30 million kilometres from the planet and stretch out to a distance of 90 million kilometres and they are probably made of dust, as planet J1407b is too hot to support ice rings like those orbiting Saturn.

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