Marsnet is coming…

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We take Internet as a constant connectivity solution for granted on Earth, but once you take a step into space, the problem starts. So as we look into our future, when we have human settlements on Mars, will there be a Mars Internet or Marsnet?

SpaceX founder Elon Musk has announced plans to boost connectivity in space, potentially partnering with Google. But this isn't just about ensuring future Mars colonists can access internet but an off-world Internet infrastructure would have huge benefits to our daily lives on Earth.

"Our focus is on creating a global communications system that would be larger than anything that has been talked about to date," Musk said in an interview. 

The first step, according to Musk, would be to launch (using SpaceX rockets) satellites that would orbit Earth at a distance of around 750 miles. This altitude is much lower than the 22,000 mile geosynchronous orbit that traditional communications satellites are situated.

Currently, geosynchronous orbit is too far away to allow instantaneous communications. By dropping the orbit of space Internet satellites to 750 miles, the lag time in space would be shorter than the lag time for signals to travel around on Earth through optical fibers.

But like most of Musk's big ideas, he sees no limit to his space Internet plans. After all, he has already said that he wants to build the first Martian colonies, it wouldn’t be right if the first astronauts on the red planet didn’t have an Internet connection.

"It will be important for Mars to have a global communications network as well," he said. "I think this needs to be done, and I don’t see anyone else doing it."

source:- discovery news.

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