NASA evacuates its crew on International Space Station after ammonia leak alarm.

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NASA evacuated astronauts from its side of the International Space Station Wednesday after an alarm indicated a possible toxic leak.

Officials later said a false sensor set off the alarm, rather than an actual leak of ammonia.

In the meantime, the six crew members huddled safely on the Russian side of International Space Station, as Mission Control analyzing the data.

The scare occurred around 4 am EST when commander Butch Wilmore and his crew were dealing with supplies from the newly arrived SpaceX capsule. As alarms blared, the astronauts followed emergency procedures in turning off non-essential US equipment, taking cover in the Russian quarters, then sealing the hatches between the US and Russian sides.

The three Russians, two Americans and one Italian astronauts will remain there until further orders.There is enough food and supplies in the three Russian segments for all six to stay there a week.

source:- zee news
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