Unidentified Radio wave from space detected, Are aliens beaming radio signals directly at Earth?

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The Parkes Telescope
The Parkes radio telescope in Australia has detected a cosmic radio burst in real time. Within hours of the discovery, 12 different telescopes both on Earth and in space were pointed in the direction of the burst, but none recorded any unusual activity.
Generally,this kind of burst of radio waves caused by an exploding star which give off light or X-rays or gamma rays for some time. 

But in this case, the source of radio waves are unidentified.There is also a theory suggesting that this bursts could be generated by intelligent beings intentionally beaming a radio signal directly at Earth.

The first of these cosmic outbursts was detected in 2007. Last year, a radio telescope in Puerto Rico also detected a brief and powerful radio wave. 

According EarthSky, the astronomers involved with this study said that the burst was originated up to 5.5 billion light-years from Earth.If that is true, then the sources of this burst must be extremely powerful.

The study was published in the monthly notices of Royal Astronomical Society. 

source:- npr.org
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