NASA finds large amount of Hydrogen on Moon.

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NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter [LRO] spacecraft has recently discovered more hydrogen on Moon 's pole-facing slopes. The recent discovery of hydrogen-bearing molecules, possibly including water, on the moon has made explorers excited because these deposits could be mined if they are sufficiently abundant.

Moon water could be used for drinking or its components, hydrogen and oxygen, could be used to manufacture important products on the surface that future visitors to the moon will need, like rocket fuel and breathable air.

Recent observations by LRO spacecraft indicated that these deposits might be slightly more abundant on crater slopes in the southern hemisphere that face the lunar South Pole.

Timothy McClanahan of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, said that there's an average of about 23ppmw [parts per million by weight] more hydrogen on Pole-Facing Slopes [PFS] than on Equator-Facing Slopes [EFS].

This was the first time a widespread geochemical difference in hydrogen abundance between PFS and EFS on the moon has been detected. 

The research is published in the journal Icarus.

source:- zeenews.
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