International Space Station flying across Moon

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Australian photographer Dylan O'Donnell has clicked a breathtaking image of the International Space Station as it was passing over the Moon.

The Intentional space station completes an orbit of the Earth in every 92.69 minutes and moves at a speed of 27,600 km per hour. Due to this kind of speed, it passes across the Moon in just 0.33 seconds. 

It took Dylan O'Donnell almost a year to save that moment in a stunning photo.
This is crop portion of the photo showing a closer view of the ISS.
"I was super happy to catch the silhouette of the ISS over the disc of the Moon,” excited Dylan O'Donnell wrote in his blog.

Knowing the second it would pass, he fired a 'burst' mode of exposures in the hope it would show up in review - and it did beautifully. 



Just a Curious boy who want surf over his Curiosity.

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