The Earth from Saturn.

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The tiny blue light indicated by the arrow is Earth as seen from Saturn, 1.5 billion kilometres away. This rare image was taken on July 19, 2013, by the wide-angle camera on NASA's Cassini spacecraft.



Just a Curious boy who want surf over his Curiosity.

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  1. That is just so crazy beautiful how incredibly huge even just our tiny solar system is. Also, so amazing how scientists and engineers built - and launched - a device to take that amazing picture.

  2. The Golden Age of America's Robotic Planet Explorers in nearly over. Cassini has completed its mission after so many years of travel to get there and many years of orbiting Saturn. Same with Galileo at Jupiter. New Horizon will have its closest encounter with Pluto in 3 days...after taking 9 years to get there from Earth. Nasa's Mercury Spacecraft finished last month, as well. What's really sad for America is that 40 years of short-sighted Congresses have cut so much from NASA'S budgets..they don't have the funds to continue the Robotic missions as in the past. These projects take 15 to 20 years from planning stage to arrival at their destination. The money has to be allocated before projects can start. So there is not much in the pipeline except Uranus Mission and maybe Europa. So we won't be seeing these spectacular views over the next decade. We can spare trillions of unbudgeted money to do an unnecessary Iraq war, bale out Wallstreet speculators-who should have been left to fail and still give Oil and Coal Companies huge subsidies to keep polluting the environment, but we can afford to fund the Manned or Robotic Space Programs.



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