Africa and Europe from Space.

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A camera on NASA's Deep Space Climate Observatory [DSCOVR] satellite captured this view of earth on july 6, 2015.

The picture was taken some one million miles away from Earth and is one of the first to be taken by NASA's Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC).

In this image, Africa is in centre, Central Europe is toward the top and Sahara Desert is in south. 

The River Nile and the Mediterranean Sea can be seen through Egypt. Spain, France, Italy and Greece can also be seen.

The photographic quality color image was generated by combining three separate images of the entire Earth taken a few minutes apart. 

The camera takes a series of 10 images using different narrowband filters from ultraviolet to near infrared to produce a variety of science products. The red, green and blue channel images are used in these Earth images.



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