$1 Million Prize Money for Crafting Best Message for Extraterrestrial Civilisation.

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Have a message for Aliens? No, than make one and if Yes, try to make it better, because that message can help you to win 1 Million US Dollar as a Prize.

Yuri Milner, who is funding the aliens search project "Breakthrough Listen", is offering USD 1 million prize money to craft the best message to send to an extraterrestrial civilisation.

Frank Drake, an astronomer who has been at the centre of searches for extraterrestrial intelligence since the 1960, said that the first thing the judges would do was eliminate any entries written in human languages.

Given that the message may take thousands of years to reach intelligent life, it should include as much information as possible for the creatures receiving it.

"Don't just send a message like, 'We want to be your friends'. The ETs will just get disappointed and mad at this," Frank said.

According to him, the key point is to think about what we have in common with other beings.

Frank said,"There are many common reference points. Chemistry, for instance. Through the spectral lines of elements, which are the characteristic fingerprints they leave on the light spectrum, we can give scale - hydrogen's spectral line could be a common unit of length."

Pulsars would also be a common reference point. The lighthouses of the universe, these neutron stars emit characteristic bursts of radiation. They can be used to describe a time interval, he added.

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source:- Huffington Post
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