ISRO launches Mars Atlas to celebrate MOM's first anniversary.

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To celebrate one year's completion of the Mars Orbiter Mission [MOM], the Indian Space Research Organisation [ISRO] has released a commemorative Mars Atlas. 

The atlas is a compilation of pictures and data obtained from the Mars Colour Camera [MCC].The images from MCC provide unique information about Mars at varying spatial resolutions. The MOM has obtained Mars Global data showing clouds, dust in atmosphere and surface variations. On the other hand high resolution images acquired show details of various morphological features on the surface of Mars. 

You can download a free PDF copy of the Mars Atlas from the ISRO website here.

Mars is one of the closest celestial objects to the Earth and it has attracted humans towards itself since the time immemorial. A large number of unmanned orbiters, landers and rovers have been launched to reach Mars since early 1960s. These missions had provided large amount of data on various scientific aspects of the Mars. The knowledge acquired by the analysis of these data, suggested enhanced possibility of the presence of life, on this dry and dusty planet.

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