Milkyway wormhole could allow human beings to travel through space and time.

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Wormholes are a common feature in sci-fi films and books but their existence has never been proven beyond doubt. But this time scientists also believe that a wormhole at the center of our galaxy could allow human beings to travel through space and time.

Astrophysicist Professor Paulo Salucci, from the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste, Italy, said: "Our galaxy could really contain one of these tunnels. "But there's more, We could even travel through this tunnel, since, based on our calculations, it could be navigable. Just like the one we've all seen in the recent films.

His mindbending theory relies on the presence of a super-massive black hole smack bang in the center of our galaxy.

This huge tear in space and time might just be a wormhole in disguise.It could even be made from the mysterious substance known as dark matter, which is thought to make up about a quarter of the known universe.

Prof Salucci added: "Obviously we're not claiming that our galaxy is definitely a wormhole, but simply that, according to theoretical models, this hypothesis is a possibility."

Other "spiral" galaxies similar to the Milky Way like our neighbour Andromeda may also contain wormholes, the professor believes.


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